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Take action and celebrate precedent-setting victory in homecare industry

With energy and inspiration, we are proud to share that after organizing for nearly three years, caregivers together with the Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) reached a precedent-setting victory in the private homecare industry and saw their rights transformed into a reality in their lives.


Earlier this month, we joined the PWC and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer to announce the settlement against Southern California homecare providers Emelyn Entino Nishi, Joe Derick Regoyal, and their companies Health Alliance Nurses Corp. and Hand Homecare Provider, Inc.. Entino Nishi and her companies were mandated to correct illegal employment practices, which included paying 24-hour homecare workers as little as $4.50 per hour with no overtime.


Will you help us amplify this important victory? Click here to sign the letter calling on other homecare agencies to do their part in upholding the dignity and rights of domestic workers across California!



“They were robbing us of our hard earned wages. This is a victory not only for me and my family, but for all caregivers. It sends a message that we should not stay silent out of fear. We must educate ourselves and ask questions. And when we stand up for our rights, we win!” – Josephine Biclar, Former caregiver with Health Alliance Nurses Corp. and member leader of the Pilipino Worker Center

This victory is just the beginning. We know that this case against Entino Nishi and her companies is not unique and that caregivers who work in private homes report frequent abuse across agencies and employers in the homecare industry.

Now, domestic workers across California are standing up against wage theft and exploitation and are taking action to make the rights that they’ve won in the Capitol become a reality in their everyday lives.

Will you help us ensure that this victory echoes throughout the homecare industry and that agencies come into compliance with the law – both to honor the dignity of caregivers and to ensure quality of care for consumers?

[Happening Now] Workers rally to expose abuse at assisted living facility

Right now, caregivers, housecleaners, nannies, advocates, and supporters of the California Domestic Workers Coalition have rallied together in West Hills, Los Angeles in the campaign for justice for Health Alliance Nurses Corp. workers. They will publicly deliver a letter to Fair Winds Assisted Living to expose to its facility management and to its residents that Health Alliance Nurses Corp., one of the primary home care providers contracted in the facility, has long been exploiting its workers, not paying caregivers overtime during 24 hour shifts and paying wages as low as $4.50 per hour. It is time for Health Alliance Nurses Corp. to pay their workers what they deserve and for assisted living facilities like Fair Winds to take responsibility to protect both workers and their residents from unfair and fraudulent business practices happening behind closed doors.

With the Pilipino Worker Center leading the charge, today’s rally launches a week of action to hold Health Alliance accountable for the wage-theft and abuse of its caregivers.
Between today and next Wednesday, we are inviting supporters of domestic worker dignity across California to join us as we lift our collective voices to send a strong message to Health Alliance Nurses Corp. and other non-compliant agencies and employers that they cannot continue to steal from and exploit the people who work tirelessly to support California’s families and households.
Last year, we made history with the passing of SB1015 the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Now, we must enforce those rights, starting with Health Alliance Nurses Corp. It is time for domestic workers and their rights to be recognized!

Here is what you can do to support the caregivers of Health Alliance:


1. Make A Phone Call TODAY:  

Call Fairwinds between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm and get your voices heard! Call Elvis Gutierriez (or any facility admin staff) at (818) 713-0900 and tell them that you support SB1015 and demand that end wage theft in their facility.
“I support SB1015 and am advocating for fair wages to caregivers. Health Alliance Nurses Corp. has been stealing wages from its caregivers. We encourage you to check your employees’ records and review their contracts, make sure that they are given fair wages.”

2. Take a Photo with your friends and colleagues with a statement of support for the workers at Health Alliance and post on Facebook, IG, or Twitter with the hashtags #DefendDignity, #DefenderDignidad, #HealthAllianceSteals #LadronesHealthAlliance #EnforceSB1015Download and print a statement of support here!
3. Share a Campaign Graphic

Choose one of the prepared graphics to share on social media, and be sure to use the campaign hashtags! #DefendDignity, #DefenderDignidad, #HealthAllianceSteals #LadronesHealthAlliance #EnforceSB1015 #WageTheftIsACrime
4. Repost and Tag Us during the week of action!

We will be sharing photos, graphics, and articles from this Wednesday 8/2 to next Wednesday 8/9 for a week of buzz and attention to this precedent-setting case. We hope you will join us in posting and sharing information and graphics about this case.

BREAKING: Filipino Caregivers Uphold Their Right to Overtime: LA City Attorney files precedent setting lawsuit against homecare agency for alleged wage theft

Yesterday morning in a press conference with leaders of the Pilipino Worker Center, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that he has filed a lawsuit against Canoga Park-based homecare provider Emelyn Nishi and her companies Health Alliance Nurses Corp. and Hand Homecare Provider, Inc.

The civil suit is the first of its kind to assert the right to minimum wage and overtime pay for domestic workers and protect immigrant workers against wage theft. The lawsuit could result in up to 9 million dollars in restitution and back-wages to approximately 200 primarily Filipino caregivers because of alleged wage theft over the past four years.



Leading the way to assert caregiver rights, member leaders of the Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) launched a public campaign against Health Alliance Nurses Corp. in 2015 and have since assisted the California Labor Commissioner’s office to start an investigation that is still on-going.

This year, despite the current climate of fear and attacks against the immigrant community, Filipino caregivers have organized to bring the case forward to the City Attorney’s office in an effort to enforce their hard-fought-for rights and send a unified message to other homecare agencies to end wage-theft in the industry.

“We felt vindicated that the city attorney found that there were lots of violations in terms of our wages. We were not paid overtime. We hope that the case will be decided in favor of the caregivers who are fighting for dignity and the right to be paid what they are owed,” said Rufina Tubo, a former caregiver of Health Alliance Nurses Corp. and member of PWC.

At the press conference held on Wednesday morning, Pilipino Workers Center Executive Director, Aquilina Soriano Versoza explained that “[In 2016] the overtime provision of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights was made permanent in Sacramento (SB1015- Leyva), ending finally and for good, over 75 years of exclusion from overtime protections for nannies and caregivers. Today, with this case, we are seeing our rights becoming a reality. Today we see the dignity of homecare workers being upheld and uplifted.”


Take Action to Make Overtime Pay A Reality!

We have to assert our rights in order for them to become a reality! Show your support for the leadership and courage of the members of Pilipino Workers Center by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and sharing the news about this case far and wide!

Download the image above and add a message of solidarity!

Sample Messages Below:

Health Alliance Nurses Corp: Do the right thing. Stop stealing workers wages.  #WageTheftIsACrime #DefendDignity I Stand with the Caregivers of Health Alliance in Asserting their Right to Overtime! #DomesticWorkerLeaders #DefendDignity Immigrant workers are rising up against fear and retaliation to #DefendDignity! #WageTheftIsACrime #JoinTheMovement

Reach Out and Protect Your Rights

Both the City Attorney’s office and the Pilipino Workers Center are encouraging anyone who has been a victim of wage theft to reach out to protect their rights. To the City Attorney’s Office by e-mail at or by phone at 213-978-1868 and to Pilipino Workers Center for ongoing accompanying and support. PWC’s EMPLEO Pinoy workers rights hotline is 1 (877) TULONG1.