Building Power


Policy Advocacy

The California Domestic Workers Coalition wages policy campaigns to change the narrative about domestic workers at a statewide scale. Through mobilizations to the capitol and in-district lobby days, we strengthen our organizations, grow our leadership, deepen our strategic alliances, and build our political power. Together, we have won critical rights for immigrant women workers in California, bringing material changes to workers’ lives that open pathways for future organizing and embolden our vision of what is possible!

Education, Outreach, and Leadership Development

We want to ensure that each of the 300,000 domestic workers in California know their rights and know how to make them real in their every day lives. We also want to reach each of the two million households that hire domestic workers to make sure that they know their responsibilities as employers. Through door-knocking, tabling, and outreach at parks, bus stops, schools, libraries, churches, and other institutions, domestic worker and employer leaders of the coalition are reaching out to share about the rights of domestic workers and inviting workers and employers to join the movement for dignity.

Community Campaigns

Domestic workers are leading statewide campaigns to make sure that the dignity and rights of domestic workers are respected and upheld in every California home. Through community actions, earned and social media strategies, and alliance building, we are exposing the conditions of domestic work, asserting worker rights, and transforming the industry.