California Domestic Workers Coalition

Job Title: Mujeres en Acción Program Coordinator
Reports to: Program Manager, The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA)
Status: Full-time position (Non-Exempt, 40 hours/week)
Start date: September 1, 2020

The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA) is a nonprofit
community based organization whose purpose is to promote self-determination in the
Latinx community in Southern California politically, culturally, and economically using
popular education methodology. We promote the development of collective solutions to
community problems.

Originally started by domestic workers members of the organization in 2011, Mujeres in
Acción is a program that focuses on the interests and needs of immigrant women
through weekly meetings, outreach, education, advocacy, and organizing. Mujeres en
Acción values the paid and unpaid work of all women and seeks to support them in their
personal, community and family development.

Position Summary:

The Mujeres en Acción Program Coordinator will take the lead in
accomplishing the goals, plans, activities, evaluations and performance of the Mujeres
en Acción program. This includes supporting the Program Manager with administrative
work to ensure the fulfillment of grants/contract requirements, funding compliance
reporting, and other financial and accounting procedures to maintain accountability in
the program. The main areas of focus will include overseeing membership processes
and growth, leadership development utilizing popular education methodology, and
worker rights advocacy. The Coordinator will be in charge of providing technical and
day-to-day support to Outreach staff and volunteers; They will oversee overall
coordination, planning, and facilitation of the Mujeres en Accion program objectives by
working closely with existing partners/coalitions, such as: UCLA Labor Center,
Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy, California Domestic Workers Coalition,
Los Angeles Worker Center Network + the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

With the support of the Program Manager the Coordinator will create
a participatory process for members to identify needs, as well as barriers that seek
solutions beyond survival. As part of the IDEPSCA team, the Program Coordinator will
weave in popular education methodology in all aspects of the program. As staff of
IDEPSCA the Program Coordinator will identify, and support cross program
collaboration between Mujeres en Accion, the Day Laborers program (DLP), and the
Workers’ Health program.

● Participate in online and local events at trusted neighborhood sites like libraries,
community centers, local schools, etc. to increase the visibility of Mujeres en Accion
in the community.
● Coordinate the logistics of weekly meetings
● Increase the membership of Mujeres en Accion
● Share, implement and evaluate efforts for retention for existing members and follow
up with new members
● Design and facilitate new member orientation
● Connect members to CDWC and NDWA benefits and events
● Lead staff and members in creating outreach materials

● Coordinate and facilitate the monthly programming by contacting potential facilitators
and/or prepare workshops for members.
● Along with the rest of the Mujeres en Acción team, support the leadership committee
in identifying issues, developing campaigns, workshops, and outreach strategies.
● Increase parent-child engagement amongst domestic workers
● Identify and implement workshops for children that connect to the realities of their
● Seek new opportunities for children and parents to learn together
● Strengthen connections with existing partners and build new partnerships.
● Provide orientation + training to new staff and volunteers as needed.

● Create strong partnerships with worker advocacy groups, city government,
Los Angeles school district leaders and labor allies
● Connect with partners to ensure the inclusion of domestic workers in local issues
(examples: tenants rights, wage theft, etc)
● Help create opportunities for domestic worker members to actively participate
in local issues (examples: invite them to local actions, in-district visits, etc)
● Support members will referrals for individual and group wage claims
● Represent Mujeres en Accion at CDWC and NDWA activities and functions.
● Travel with membership to lobby days, conferences, rallies, delegations + panels.

● Prepare Monthly Reports to include all outreach and cross collaboration efforts.
● Provide information for Grant Reports including demographics, membership
numbers, engagement info, photos, etc.
● Make purchases for meetings events.
Submit timely reimbursement check requests, mileage forms, etc.
● Ensure that all outreach activities performed are properly documented
● Prepare monthly calendar of meetings and events
● Manage Mujeres en Acción social media pages
● Maintain + track communication with membership via MeA phone
● Support Outreach staff in keeping track of growth by documenting attendance and
participation in membership database as well as membership dues and renewals

JOB REQUIREMENTS: (Skills and Qualifications)
● Minimum of 2 years experience in community organizing, outreach, and program
● Knowledge of popular education
● Strong follow up skills and proactive communication processes.
● Knowledge and commitment to women’s rights, immigrant rights, and workers’ rights,
as well as racial and environmental justice.
● Reflective listening experience and/or restorative justice experience is a plus
● Bilingual (English and Spanish)
● Experience co-creating and facilitating meetings and workshops in Spanish only or in
both English and Spanish simultaneously.
● Strong knowledge of computer operations (programs such as: Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, GSuites, Facebook, IG, Twitter, Zoom + equipment such as copiers, fax
machines, tablets and cell phone required)
● Experience working with immigrant women and the Latinx community
● Knowledge of Pico Union neighborhood and Los Angeles at large
● Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations
● Ability to prioritize tasks and work well under pressure.
● Experience with content creation in Facebook and IG platforms.
● Experience in remote work, self accountability, and group evaluations.
● Ability to work flexible hours and weekends when is necessary
● This position will require travel throughout Los Angeles county. Statewide and
nationwide travel may be required.

Salary, $3,130 per month. Benefits include full health, dental and vision insurance; 12 paid sick days, 2 weeks paid vacation and 12 paid holidays. Women, LGBTIQ+, Black, indigenous and People of Color urged to apply.

IDEPSCA is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. To apply,
send a cover letter, resume and three references to IDEPSCA, Attention: Diana
Mendoza by email to