California Domestic Workers Coalition

What is Retaliation?

If you…

  • File or tell your employer you will file a wage claim
  • Complain to your employer about not getting paid minimum wage or overtime or not getting breaks
  • Testify in a wage claim hearing
  • Talk to a government agency about not paying you the required wages or your breaks

Then it is illegal for your employer to…

  • Fire you
  • Cut your pay
  • Falsely accuse you of stealing
  • Call or threaten to call immigration or the police


California’s harassment law covers any employer with one or more employees. Domestic Workers are protected under the Harassment law.

  • Your employer cannot verbally or physically harass you because of your gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • The harassment must be severe and/or frequent to be legally unlawful.
  • If you are experiencing harassment or physical abuse, contact your local domestic worker organization or legal advocate.