California Domestic Workers Coalition

On August 30, SB 1257, the Health and Safety for All Workers Act, passed through the legislature. Now, we need your help to push Governor Gavin Newsom to sign SB 1257 into law this month. Over 900 domestic workers and supporters like you signed up to send a postcard to the Governor, which should have already arrived in the mail. If you signed up to receive a postcard, please send the postcard by Thursday, September 10.

If you did not order a postcard, you can show the Governor that you support SB1257 by sharing the  CalMatters opinion piece by Socorro Diaz, a long-time worker leader with ALMAS of the Graton Day Labor Center. In the article, Socorro talks about her experience working without health and safety protections during the 2018 wildfires in Northern California and why SB 1257 is so important to her.

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We Launched our Campaign to Create a San Francisco Domestic Work Dignity Council!

On September 2, we held a virtual press conference and rally with a coalition of San Francisco workers rights organizations, disability rights groups and other allies to launch a campaign to create a “San Francisco Domestic Work Dignity Council.” The Council would bring together domestic workers, employers, and city representatives to improve working conditions in the domestic work industry.  The event was held in conjunction with the release of a new report by the Rutgers University Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO),  A Roadmap for Strategic Enforcement: Complaints and Compliance with San Francisco’s Minimum Wage,  which showed how common workers rights violations are in San Francisco.  Disturbingly, the report shows an estimated 5,098 minimum wage violations for every 10,000 household workers in San Francisco, with only 1 worker filing a complaint for every 1,327 minimum wage violations committed. 

You can read more about  the campaign in this article in the San Francisco Chronicle and in an interview we gave with Janice Fine of Rutgers CIWO on the Flashpoints radio show.
Insert image of Mirna Arana from SF Chronicle

Please show your support to San Francisco electeds by signing on to the Domestic Work Dignity Council petition created by Hand in Hand, the Domestic Employer Network. 

As this campaign continues to move forward, please follow and share our hashtag #SFDignityCouncil on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about how you can support the campaign.