California Domestic Workers Coalition

We are overjoyed to announce that because of the phenomenal dedication and leadership of domestic workers across California and the incredible mobilization and support from employers, advocates, and allies, SB 1257, the Health and Safety for All Workers Act passed out of the Senate Labor Committee yesterday, May 14, 2020!

Starting with a #MyHealthMyDignity Twitter Chat with our allies and co-sponsors at 11am and followed by a Virtual Rally to kick off the hearing, more than one hundred members of the coalition stayed on a single zoom line for nearly eight hours, awaiting the opportunity to express their support for SB 1257 and listen to the outcome of the hearing. And the final votes: 4 (aye) – 0 (no) – 1(nvr)! 

The triumph over the technical difficulties of the day — troubles streaming the rally on Facebook Live; challenges accessing zoom and using malfunctioning interpretation lines; complications with muting and unmuting so participants could give their public comment — demonstrated the patience, resilience, and determination of domestic workers and employers to continue, no matter the circumstance, to fight for dignity! 

Sylvia Lopez, long time organizer with MUA and a former housecleaner, shared her reaction to the outcome of the hearing. “I was crying with joy when the committee gave its decision and I saw that every day we have more of a voice and that we are really being heard. After so many years of our work as domestic workers being excluded, finally society at large and our elected officials are beginning to understand that we deserve the same protections and rights as other workers. This fight has been difficult and long, but with each step forward I know it was worth it.”

Please see our full press release of the day here.

What’s Next?

In a few short weeks, SB 1257 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee and then it will be off to the general vote on the Senate Floor.

In the meantime, please continue to show your support for the Health and Safety for All Workers Act!  Follow and share our hashtag #MyHealthMyDignity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and invite your friends and family to sign up for this email list to get more people involved in our growing movement.