California Domestic Workers Coalition

“Our campaigns are not the end in of themselves, but one step in building a broader movement.”

Katie Joaquin, Former Coalition Director

Leadership Development

For every campaign, we insert an organizing frame. The California Domestic Workers Coalition provides the structure in which domestic worker voices and leadership are uplifted. A strict accountability to our base means that domestic worker leaders are at the center of defining the problems, finding the solutions, and taking action on the issues that most impact them and their communities.

Adhering to a community-centered vision of what it means to build power, domestic worker leaders are trained to be organizers and advocates, conduct outreach to other domestic workers, lobby decision makers, be spokespeople, work with the media, lead workshops, and define campaign strategies, goals, and messaging.

Under this organizing model, our goals go beyond any specific policy win. Together a as a coalition, we aim to:

Education and Training

Education, curriculum-development, and trainings are a core responsibility and commitment of the coalition, in order to amplify the impact of those resources through growing the capacity of domestic worker and employer affiliate organizations and member leaders. Examples of these trainings, workshops, resources, and toolkits include: