California Domestic Workers Coalition

In California there are nearly 2 million households that rely on the labor of domestic workers to support their every day lives, whether it be to care for their children, to provide in-home attendant support to those living with disabilities, to clean their homes, or to provide homecare to aging seniors.

The California Domestic Workers Coalition recognizes that the dignity of California’s domestic workers is intimately intertwined with the dignity of their employers and vice versa. In partnership with senior and disability advocates, and with the leadership of Hand in Hand: the Domestic Employers Network, we organize employers to be able to together advance the transformation of our industry toward one that uplifts the dignity of everyone in the home.

The California Domestic Workers Coalition is growing employer-worker relationships built on trust and mutual understanding: employers fighting for the rights and dignity of workers, workers learning about disability justice and fighting for the affordability of care, knowing that our communities are not separate.

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