Have you seen all the buzz on Twitter and Facebook? Yesterday, our “Stories of #DignityRising” went live on Twitter and already there are so many powerful stories of moments when we recognized our self-worth.

This is a key moment. SB1015 has passed out of the Assembly with overwhelming support and is now headed to the desk of the Governor. Will you share your story today on Twitter and help the domestic worker campaign go viral?                                   It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1:

Tweet your “Story of #DignityRising” TODAY on your personal or organizational Twitter handle. It should be one tweet-size sentence that shares a moment when you realized your self-worth. See sample below- the powerful “Story of #DignityRising” from NDWA Director, Ai-Jen Poo. More samples here

Step 2:

Invite others in your organization to share their story & prompt your followers on Twitter to do it too!

Step 3:

Sign up for the #DignityRising Thunderclap set for this Friday August 26th to lift up domestic worker dignity on National Women’s Equality Day!

With your “Stories of #DignityRising,” the Twitter sphere will be overflowing with stories of self-worth which will help our movement reach viral status and underscore the importance of dignifying the self-worth of domestic workers by ensuring their permanent right to overtime in California! 

Ai- Jen Poo Story_3

Assembly Labor Committee ~ Comite Laboral de la Asamblea

Wednesday June 22, 2016

SB1015 is off to a great start in the Assembly. With a 5-2 vote in favor of permanent protections, the SB1015 passed in the Assembly Labor Committee inching us one step closer to reaching Governor Brown’s desk! Over 130 domestic worker leaders, employers, and supporters witnessed the hearing and voiced their support for the dignity of all families. You can find the official Press Advisory here.


SB1015 tuvo un buen comienzo en la Asamblea. Con un voto de 5-2 a favor de protecciones permanentes, la SB1015 paso en el Comite Laboral de la Asamblea, un paso mas cerca para alcanzar el escritorio del Governador Brown! Mas de 130 lideres trabajadoras del hogar, empleadores y apoyantes presenciaroin la audiencia y testificaron en apoyo a la dignidad de las familias. Pueden ver el comunicado oficial aqui. 


Victory in the Senate ~ Victoria en el Senado

Thursday April 28th, 2016

With 25 votes in the Senate floor, the 2016 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is now moving to the State Assembly before being brought to Governor Brown for his signature. We were joined by a small contingent of domestic worker leaders who witnessed the vote in the Senate floor; we were anxiously awaiting for 21 votes in favor of SB 1015. With immense excitement continue this fight to ensure the permanent dignity of our families. State Assembly here we come!



Con 25 votos en el Senado, La Carta de Derechos de las Trabajadoras del Hogar 2016 ahora procede hacia la Asamblea antes de presentarse frente al Governador Brown para su firma. Nos acompañaron un pequeño contigente de trabajadoras del hogar quienes presenciaron el voto y con mucha anciendad esparabamos 21 votos a favor de SB 1015. Con mucha emocion continuamos en esta lucha para la dignidad permanente de nuestras familias. ¡Asamblea estatal aqui vamos!

Off to a Senate Floor Vote ~ Hacia un Voto General en el Senado

thursday April 21st, 2016

 Thanks to our organizing efforts across the California and our advocacy in the Capitol, we’ve gained huge support from key members of the Senate, SB 1015 is moving beyond Senate Appropriations and will soon go up for a Senate Floor vote!

Join our list of endorsements which includes over 130 organizations! To endorse SB 1015 and ensure permanent family dignity for all CA families, email us at: cadomesticworkers@gmail.com


Gracias a los esfuerzos a lo largo de California y de nuestros esfuerzos de abogacia en el Capitolio, hemos obtenido el apoyo de miembros claves del Senado, SB 1015 se esta procediendo mas alla del comite de Apropriaciones  y muy pronto se presentara en el voto general del Senado!

Unase a nuestra lista de compromisos que incluye a mas de 130 organizaciones! Para someter su compromiso de apoyo para SB 1015 y asegurar la dignidad de la familia sea permanente para todas las familias de CA, mandenos un mensaje a: cadomesticworkers@gmail.com

SB1015 Passes in Senate Labor! ~            ¡SB1015 Pasa en el Comite Laboral del Senado!


Over 200 coalition members filled the hallways in the Capitol to support SB 1015 on Wednesday April 6th, as it was being heard by the Senate Labor Committee. With a 4-1 vote, SB 1015 is moving forward in the legislature, next up is the Senate Appropriations Committee in mid April then off to the Senate floor for a final vote in the Senate. This victory marks a first step to securing dignity for all our families.


Mas de 200 miembros de la coalicion llenaron los pasillos del Capitolio en apoyo de SB 1015 el Miercoles 6 de Abril, mientras se presentaba en el Comite Laboral del Senado. Con un voto de 4-1, SB 1015 procede en la legislatura, ahora sigue el Comite de Apropriaciones del Senado en mediados de Abril y luego un voto final en el Senado. Esta victoria es el primer paso para asegurar la dignidad de todas nuestras familias.


Panoramic photo after our victory in the Senate Labor!