California Domestic Workers Coalition
We hope you are energized and inspired by the marches and demonstrations of people power this past May Day! In cities across California, domestic workers were on the front lines, honoring the lives of workers and immigrants everywhere and making their voices heard. Collectively, tens of thousands marched in defense of immigrant working class communities, calling for an end to deportations, sanctuary for all, and better conditions for workers and their families everywhere.

With renewed energy from May Day, we call on our communities to continue to organize, to continue to grow our skills through attending Know Your Rights and rapid response trainings, and to build our solidarity and unity in defense of the rights and well-being of our communities. Si Se Puede!

Defending Dignity in Sacramento
As we continue to build power in the streets, we have also been making our voices heard in the capitol. Almost every week this past April, members of the California Domestic Workers Coalition traveled from LA and the Bay to Sacramento to advocate for our 2017 Defending Dignity Policy Platform.

Caregivers, house cleaners, and nannies shared their stories and testimonies at hearings, press conferences, and lobby visits to make sure that domestic worker voices are heard by legislators and the public on the issues that most impact them.

In alliance with community organizations across the state, we have collectively pushed forward SB 54 The California Values Act, SB 562 The Healthy California Act, and SB 258 The Cleaning Products Right to Know Act through their first committees! Leaders from the Pilipino Workers Center stood in strong opposition to SB 482 and continue to advocate to maintain strong worksite protections for live-in and 24 hour caregivers and the clients they support.

And of course, we will be back in the capitol soon, advocating for domestic worker rights and well-being at California Immigrant Policy Center’s Immigrant Day!

Join us to learn how you can act in solidarity with domestic workers!

Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 2pm-5pm – Building #SanctuaryHomes

Movement Strategy Center Offices – 436 14th Street, Suite 500 in downtown Oakland (directly above the 12th Street BART station)

Domestic worker leaders from Mujeres Unidas y Activas and La Colectiva de Mujeres will join Hand In Hand leaders and interested community members to explore how #SanctuaryHomes resources can move domestic employers and allies to take proactive steps to support domestic workers, gardeners and other immigrant workers in our communities (
Attendant support, childcare and snacks provided. Please RSVP here so we can hold your spot, plan for enough food, and accommodate any other access needs you might have.