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The next step for the Health and Safety for All Workers Act that would end discriminatory workplace safety exclusions, is a Senate floor vote next month |

Yesterday, 260 nannies, housecleaners, homecare workers, household employers and supporters came from across the state to demand safe workplaces for all California employees.  Author of the bill, Senator Maria Elena Durazo, and Principal Co-Author, Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo addressed the crowd in front of the legislative offices. Through a march, rally and creative actions inside the legislative building, workers and their allies introduced California leaders to the workers they must act to protect. Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the bill, 5-2, with a floor vote anticipated within the next few weeks. 

Domestic Workers line up in front of the California State Capitol to demonstrate their support for SB 686 the Health and Safety for All Workers Act.  Photo Credit: Brooke Anderson.
Maegan Ortiz, Executive Director of the The Instituto de Educación Popular del Sur de California (IDEPSCA) and Members of the California Domestic Workers Coalition deliver artwork depicting the injuries and illnesses that domestic workers face at the workplace to Chief Deputy Legislative Secretary of the Governor’s Office, Mary Hernandez. The creatively rebranded cleaning supplies encourage legislators to “Act Swiftly” as workers’ health is at risk every day. Photo Credit: Brooke Anderson.

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