California Domestic Workers Coalition

We have made history together.

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB1015: The 2016 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Over 300,000 domestic workers in California now have permanent overtime protections. This victory comes as the result of nearly a decade of organizing and advocacy. Domestic worker leaders have been at the forefront every step of the way–from educating domestic workers at bus stops and parks, leading marches around the capitol hand in hand with their children and allies, to testifying in key committee hearings and lobby visits. Thanks to the leadership of domestic workers and to the commitment of allies and supporters from across the state, we have achieved permanent recognition in an industry that was once in the shadows.

We did it, Si se pudo!

Here are just a few initial reactions from our leaders and champions:

“I am so pleased that the Governor has signed SB 1015. This important bill will ensure that domestic workers continue receiving overtime protections, as well as offer these hardworking Californians the dignity and respect that they rightfully deserve, ” said Sen. Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino).

“I am so happy and excited and also nervous because of how happy I am,” said Carmen Goley, a Hollywood-based domestic worker member of Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur California.

“I’m excited to see this victory change the structure of this industry with changes for the better of all workers and our families.”

“Estoy enamorada de este movimiento,” Evelin Alfaro, a domestic worker member of La Colectiva.

“[In English] I am in love with this movement.”

Nikki Brown-Booker, an employer of home attendants and member of Hand in Hand: the National Domestic Employers Network said, “I also celebrate this as a victory for employers. Affirming the dignity of domestic workers affirms the work they do and that elevates the dignity of all of us that rely on their support. I am proud to be a part of this campaign, it really is a great win for everyone!”

What Comes Next?

More organizing and outreach to build domestic worker power and the movement for Dignity in the Home. But first – CELEBRATION! Our domestic workers inspired us in the hallways and hearing rooms of Sacramento and now they will captivate us on the big screen! Come celebrate this historic victory with us and be part of the premiere screening of “America Divided,” a primetime television series featuring the California domestic worker movement. The premiere event will open with a reception honoring Dignity Rising legislative champions and worker leaders and end with the special screening of “America Divided” – it will be a night to remember. Festive attire encouraged!

Dignity Rising Reception & Premiere of “America Divided”

Monday September 26 from 6-9PM

California Museum at 1020 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814


(Click on the Premiere Event flier to see domestic worker leaders chanting in the Capitol and Amy Poehler confronting an agency owner in the “America Divided” trailer)


Also, you can join the digital celebration on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! Hundreds have taken to social media to celebrate this historic victory and we’ll continue celebrating tomorrow with our #DignityRising Twitter Townhall 1pm-3pm PST.  We will continue to share our stories of #DignityRising and prompt others to share their stories. The conversation will also be broadened by allowing Twitter users to share what this victory means to them and/or send a simple message of support.

To join our Twitter Townhall follow our co hosts- @SandraFluke@EqualRightsAdv@mujrsunidas and @cadomesticwrker